Diablo Canyon NM

This will be a short post. North west of Santa Fe is Diablo Canyon, you reach it on Rt 77, passing through some ranch land and finally stopping at a dramatic gorge. It is the entry way to a nice hike down to the Rio Grande. I headed out there on a grey day but towards evening the sun came through and offered some scenic views of the gorge itself.

Just for fun I framed the images in Photoshop. At this point the entire blog has evolved into a chaotic hodge podge of formats. Clearly I don’t care anymore. The idea of standardizing all the images from previous posts is a nightmare. So for the time being it will be a mess and some day I will start over.

A short side note, should you head out there make sure your tires are in good condition. My trip earned me a flat tire. Well the tires were worn so no surprise.
The black and white conversions of the images above are different enough to be shown here.

Finally my favorite one. It has plenty of imperfections, shot from hand not perfectly focused, masking not correct but all in all I was happy with the result.

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