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Photographer’s I appreciate (Primary Field)
Berenice Abbott (Documentary)
Ansel Adams (Landscape)
Eddie Adams (Photojournalism)
Diane Arbus (Documentary)
Nobuyoshi Araki (Documentary/Art)
Richard Avedon (Fashion/Portrait)
Roger Ballen (Documentary)
Nick Brandt (Wildlife)
Henri Cartier-Bresson (Documentary)
Chuck Close (Art)
Bruce Davidson (Documentary)
William Eggleston (Art)
Elliott Erwitt (Photojournalism)
Walker Evans (Documentary)
Andreas Feininger (Art)
Robert Frank (Documentary)
Bruce Gilden (Documentary)
Ernst Haas (Documentary)
Shoko Hashimoto (Documentary)
Gregory Heisler (Portrait)
Todd Hido (Art)
Lewis Hine (Documentary)
Fan Ho (Documenary)
David Hockney (Art)
Eikoh Hosoe (Art)
Michael Kenna (Landscape)
William Klein (Fashion/Documentary)
Hengki Koentjoro (Landscape)
Josef Kudelka (Documentary)
Dorothea Lange (Documentary)
Jacques Henri Lartigue (Fashion)
Sergio Larrain (Documentary)
Annie Leibovitz (Documentary/Fashion)
Saul Leiter (Fashion/Art)
Magnum (Cooperative)
Marry Ellen Mark (Documentary)
Sally Mann (Documentary)
Steve McCurry (Photojournalism)
Daido Moriyama (Documentary/Art)
Helmut Newton (Fashion)
Gorden Parks (Documentary)
Martin Parr (Documentary)
Trent Parke (Documentary)
Leni Riefenstahl (Documentary)
Sebastiao Salgado (Documentary)
August Sander (Documentary)
Cindy Sherman (Art)
Hiroshi Sugimoto (Art)
Alfred Stieglitz (Art)
Alexey Titarenko (Art)
Shomei Tomatsu (Documentary/Art)
Ming Thein (Commercial)
Alex Webb (Photojournalism)
Dan Winters (Portrait/Art)

Videos on Photography and Photographers
1. A series of videos displaying work done by Oskar Barnack Award Winners and runner ups

2. Ted Forbes on youtube provides a great many, about 15 minutes in length, videos covering work of individual artists, photography books, general aesthetic and design principles.

3. B&H videos series on youtube had some great artists come through covering all aspects from gear to business and art.

4. Eileen Rafferty has multiple videos covering practical photography skills approaching it from a creative side. I like her exposition. Not all good practitioners are good communicators, she is.

5. National Geographic has on its own website many photography related videos

6. MoMA has a great online collection if you know who you are looking for.

7. Victoria and Albert Museum has a good collection of artists work online.

Books that influenced me
The Suffering of Light Alex Webb
New York 1954-55 William Klein
The Decisive Moment Henri Cartier-Bresson
The Americans Robert Frank
Provoke 1-3 K. Taki et alii
Road To Seeing Dan Winters
Early Color Saul Leiter
American Photographs Walker Evans
On This Earth, A Shadow Falls
Nick Brandt
Color Correction Ernst Haas
Wabi-Sabi Leonard Koren
Skin of the Nation Shomei Tomatsu
Kids at Work Lewis Hine
City of Darkenss Greg Girard, Ian Lambot
Gypsies Josef Koudelka
Bruce Gilden (Stern Fotografie) Bruce Gilden
Bilder vom Krieg ein Stern Buch
Daguerreotypes Chuck Close
Deep South Sally Mann
Sergio Larrain Agnes Sire
Ansel Adams at 100 John Szarkowski
In the American West Richard Avedon
Hockney on Photography David Hockney

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