About myself:
My name is Matthias Pfau and I currently live in Santa Fe NM. Photography was passed down by parents and grand parents who all had a professional involvement with the subject. For me however it remained a hobby. Children and work don’t leave a lot of time for photography but I simply take a camera wherever I go and squeeze a little time here and there to create what is probably a hopelessly incoherent body of work. Aside from producing images, and printing them in good size, mostly for my own entertainment, I do enjoy learning about other photographers either through books, of which I have quite a few, or online videos.

About this blog:

Initial blogs were centered about artistic aspects of photography, things I tried with more or less success. Later blogs are the result of me going through old images and reediting some to generate a more coherent batch. I post to share with the world and family in particular. Social media and their content started to get to my nerves to I closed it down, or let it lie dormant. This here is, for now, my only platform to share.

Enough said, enjoy!

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