Forest Rd 79 this time with clouds

New Mexico landscapes are really cloud-scapes. With horizons as wide and they sky a big as it is, clouds are really an integral part of the scene. They promised us snow, but it didn’t come. Instead we got some clouds which is an improvement I am happy to take advantage of. Along the way I met a local and we walked most of the way together. This too was pleasent and welcome break from Covid isolation. Turns out he taught tracking and could show me and read quite a few of the prints of the local wild life. Towards the end of the 6 mile hike the clouds rolled in again and the mood of the landscape changed yet again.

(all images below can be viewed in full resolution, just be patient might take a while to load)

2 responses to “Forest Rd 79 this time with clouds”

  1. War sicher interessant mit den Fährtenleser auf dem Spaziergang zu reden und einen Menschen aus einer etwas anderen Welt zu treffen.


  2. Avatar

    warst du alleine oder mit wauwau?


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