An afternoon walk on Forest Rd 79 Santa Fe

There are plenty of hikes around Santa Fe NM. Today I discovered yet another one. As usual things did not quite work out as advertised. The road to Apache trail head was gated and the gate was closed. So instead of walking from the trail head I had to walk to it. Either way the views are rewarding and for a few hours I felt like all of humanity was left behind. Just me and the grand views of Santa Fe National Forest. On the way back I had to hurry. The sun, close the horizon, covered the landscape in red, but at this point there is less of an hour left before darkness. The occasional bleached bone along the path provided undeniable evidence that wild life in the forest is doing well. I had no particular desire to become cougar dinner, after all I still had a good Quiche waiting for me at home. This post proves I made it back on time. Tomorrow’s forecast calls for plenty of snow and I will return to see this landscape much changed over night.

(FYI on the lower right you can view the image full size, but even that is a much reduced size)

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