Chemical plays

Another trip out to Diablo canyon followed by a little experiment in the non existent dark room. So all development happens in a tank over the sink. Calibrating the water temperature to the required 102F and keep it there is a little tricky. So I checked online and developed using Cinestill C-41 the Kodak Portra 160 for 13min at room temperature 84F as recommended by . Turns out, the yellow gets utterly over exposed. See the two images below.

Another interesting lesson was to see how the sky changes from blue to cyan towards the horizon. Of course it gets brighter towards the horizon but the Kodak film clearly changed the hue. I corrected it below but you can still see a little how the hue of the sky changes.

Developed at 104F / 3.3min
Developed at 84/14 min

But if you go to black and white it really doesn’t matter anymore. Always a good default when colors fail.

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