First Steps in Color

Another uninspiring morning with rather dull light. But, this is merely a testing phase, so who cares? I went out and tried my hands at 4×5 in color. Back home I quickly set up the chemicals. Maintaining a constant temperature proved to be a challenge. Another mishap had two negatives on top of each other in the development tank. In the end one out of four pictures proved all right. Clearly a longer learning curve than simple black and white. On top of it I tried using a little tilt shift, and that didn’t quite work out either. So more challenges ahead. Either way, here it is, the super store that isn’t anymore and a tree hanging on for dear life. The two seemed to be a good match.

In the middle of nowhere.

Turns out this is the second time a second hand thermometer failed me. This one was off by 9 degree Fahrenheit. Good to have a children’s thermometer to check. Once I found out I was fed up, stepped into the garden and took a shot and developed it at the right temperature. This gave me a first glance how Kodak Protra renders colors. I was also impressed how well the film handled the dynamic range, absolutely at par with top notch digital. This time I did the right tilt and everything front to back is in focus.

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  1. aller Anfang ist schwer


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