Time travel

This is a bit of a personal journey back in my own history. Some 25 years ago I spent a year in Strasbourg France, the year and place where my oldest son was born. From my parents I had learned a little bit of black and white darkroom technique using two old folding cameras, one of them a Zeiss Ikon folding camera.

Recently I acquired a good negative scanner and with it I could bring back to life some old images from my Strasbourg time. The negatives were not stored with great care but photoshop allowed me to take care of some of the spots and scratches. What blew me away was the quality of some of the negatives.

This one was taken on the banks of the Rhine river. The detail was impressive, yet despite its sharpness it retains a little of this old time feel, which is appropriate given the discovery of these negatives is a trip down memory lane.
Another image, see below, from the river banks is of lesser quality but definitely brings across the old time feel much better.

Strasbourg had of course quite a few sites that look even more authentic when capture through an old lens. Here are a few more images.

During my time in Strasbourg I had the opportunity to participate in a conference at the University of Edinburgh. Just to put it in perspective, the old town of Strasbourg would be the new town of Edinburgh. So as a stage Edinburgh is hard to top. Unfortunately only a few images survived.

Always wondered why a cannon would be aimed at your own city
If you one could just remove the cars
This clearly has that old time feel
Not sure anymore, was it intentional or an accident ?

Back from Edinburgh, winter arrived in Alsace-Lorraine and we took a road trip into the Vosges mountains. It was a funny and enlightening experience. Clearly Strasbourg and the villages along the Rhine river are culturally caught between France and Germany. Often I had the impression the people wanted to be more French but couldn’t help acting more German. Once you hit the Vosges mountains that changes. So here two more images from winter time in the Vosges moutains.

But of course the most lasting memory of these days was my oldest son, and this is how my excursion into my own past, and the past of photography ends.

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