New Mexico Golden Hours

Over the past two weeks I got a lucky break and was able to take some quick morning trips, while kids where still sleeping, and an evening trip to do a little shooting in medium format. Of course whenever you leave home the first thing that you encounter are these never ending roads.

Along the road you run into some rather pointless traffic signs, pointless because there never is any traffic, but of course they are popular for target practice which is particularly enjoyable when the sun sets behind the sign.

Once you are out of town, the sky is usually plain blue, unless it is monsoon time, then every day will just bless you with never ending drama in the sky.

In the absence of clouds the sky is just plain and you are better off finding some elevation to capture the landscape rather than the cloudscape. Well that is not hard, we do have enough mountains, valleys to offer grand views.

Finally if all fails, there is the crocked vegetation of plants surviving in a harsh environment. It too can offer fun subjects to explore.

So in short it is never boring. But work will take over and for the foreseeable future there won’t be time for many morning and evening escapes.

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