Eldorado in Color

Eldorado, a small community, south of Santa Fe was my home for the past 2 years. So it is about time that I put together a small collection celebrating its colors. Here I decided to focus on its pueblo revival style architecture. The neighborhood is quiet to be sure and with Covid the sense of silence and emptiness grew even stronger. I will never forget the emptiness in the early days of Covid, taking a bicycle ride my kids we met no one, not one soul, it felt surreal, post apocalyptic. In the absence of outdoor life, what is left? Just you, the wide views, the architecture, and lone cars parked outside homes which add a touch of color. The images below are from today’s walk. July the days are hot, the sun relentless but relief comes at night. The late afternoon, and golden hour are fantastic, all the buildings glow and bathe in a warm light.

One response to “Eldorado in Color”

  1. mach doch bitte mal eine Fotoserie von deinem Haus, innen und aussen


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