Industry around Chicago

Chicago, due to its location, was and remains the industrial hub for the mid west. Accordingly there are many active and abandoned industrial sights to be found. Most industries have been pushed out of the city. In my time the meat packers were expelled to make place for gentrification just west of the loop. I am sure some developers pushed hard for city codes to change and make a pretty penny in the development. But as usual problems are not solved, merely moved around. Meat packers, I was told, simply moved to Aurora Illinois. That seems to be the American way, rotate the problem and make a buck doing so. I digress, the purpose here is simply to share some of the images of industrial sights. The active sites provide the drama of the steam, lights, noise caused by ongoing production, the abandoned sites offer decay, quietness and solitude.

Conveyer belts
Oil storage
Scrap metal yard
Meat packing

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