Chicago Landmarks in BW

Architecture is one of the most important legacies of Chicago. Walking through town you are treated to a history tour or you can just book a tour with the Chicago Architectual Society. Here are some samples of images I took in my almost ten years in Chicago. But don’t be mistaken, this is the glossy side of Chicago and we all know, unless you have been hiding under your sofa with earplugs in your ears, that there is another side to Chicago, segregation, poverty, violence, industry and industrial pollution and more. But some of that will be subject of another post. Here its all about architecture and other landmarks.

NBC Tower Chicago
View down from the John Hancock Tower
Trump Tower Chicago
Marina City Chicago
Chase Tower
Base of Sears now Willis Tower Chicago
View down Wabash Ave Chicago
View into the Chicago Loop

Light and shadow on Wabash Ave Chicago
Lincoln park in winter, Chicago
1000 Lake Shore Plaza, Chicago
Chicago & Northwestern Railway Bridge, Chicago

2 responses to “Chicago Landmarks in BW”

  1. Die B8W Fotos gefallen mir sehr gut, da sie einen hervorragenden Eindruck der Architektur Chicagos zeigen. Vielleicht können wir heute mal zooen,


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